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Roof Boxes (Roof Pods)

A Roof Box or Roof Pod is the must-have accessory for any regular road tripper. If all of your luggage and gear won't fit in the boot, there are no more excuses for compromising your passengers' comfort & safety! Take the piles of extra gear out of the footwells and off the seats, keeping it all safe and dry in a secure, aerodynamic car roof box.

There are many different factors to consider when selecting a Roof Box for your car.

Shopping for a Roof Box? 5 Things to Consider

  • 1 Roof Rack Compatibility - Will fit your roof racks? Our roof boxes fit most roof racks provided that yours are the recommended 700-850mm apart.
  • 2 Space Efficiency - What type of gear do you want to carry and will it fit? Roof boxes are typically rated for 50-75Kg and therefore are best for carrying light bulky items.
  • Mounting System - Is it easy to mount? Is it secure and lockable? All of our roof boxes are quick and easy to install and secure. If the Boxes brand matches your roof racks, let us know and we'll match the keys and locks for you--complimentary.
  • 4 Access to the Roof Box - Do you need it to open both sides? Most roof boxes open from both sides as the standard, but opening form only the curbside is typically sufficient.
  • 5 Access to the Boot - Make sure you can still open the boot by checking the listed length against the length of your roof (That's the distance from the top of the windscreen to the nearest point of your open boot.) If you drive a ute or sedan this shouldn't be an issue.

A Roof Box is a perfect accessory to carry your gear on holidays, but it's important to do your research and ask the experts to make sure you end up with the best solution for your needs. So set your car up with a Roof Box from the best brands - Thule, Rhino-Rack, Yakima and more.

if you want to have the locks and keys on your roof box match the locks on your existing racks of the same brand, let us know and we'll set you up.

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