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  • 1 Warranty:  If the item you have purchased from us has a manufacturer defect, has broken in normal use and has not been misused, while still within the warranty period, please contact us. Do not contact the manufacturer directly. Send us pictures of the defected product and a description of how the product was used. For warranty related inquiries, use heading “RRDIY Purchase Warranty.”
  • 2 Shipping:  We deliver products Australia wide. Some of the items such as roof boxes and rooftop tents are recommended to be ordered to a business address or a depot. Any inquiries relating to shipping costs, locations, delivery times, tracking your delivery and delivery options, please contact us at the above e-mail and use the heading “RRDIY Shipping".
  • 3 Technical Advice:  If you have already made a purchase or are thinking of making one, you can contact us for advice on installation and technical questions. All inquiries related to installation, product compatibility, product features, spare parts and other technical questions, please contact us on the above e-mail and use heading “RRDIY Technical Advice".
  • 4 Referrals:  If you need someone to install something for you, we can recommend a specialist in your area. Drop us a line in the chat.
  • 5 Anything Else:  Yes really, anything. Except for spam; please keep that to yourself.